Professional Tutors that can really help.

Join our many students in succeeding in Math and Science with less time and less work.

Each of our tutors has an impressive resume, teaching experience, college education in technical fields and glowing references all of which are available to you before scheduling appointments. Career educators with lesson plans, resources, experience, in-depth knowledge of each topic.

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Get to know your Calculator:

So... What is the Big Difference?

Degreed Professional Tutors with B.S., M.S., PhDs,

Only technical degree grads.  No college students or liberal-arts tutors.  And because you, the parent, can meet, work with and communicate with your tutor directly at anytime, you personally see and know the quality of your tutor. 

How do we get these "brilliant, fun" tutors?

At Axcel 80% of every dollar goes to your tutor.  Big business franchise tutoring companies have big expenses.  Incredibly, less than 15% of your money goes to your tutor.  Do the Math!  Should your $$ be going to a better tutor or to paying franchise fees, administrators, executives, investors, advertising, building leases... 

You want a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, ...nth opinion?

Search online “reviews of Company Name” and see what Teachers & Parents say about Sylvan, Princeton Review, Axcel Math or any tutoring service you are considering hiring.

Hmmm.  What results can be expected?

We relate math and science in ways that engage the student's imagination to break open the meaning, behavior, applications of fundamental concepts.  We will raise your grades, improve your future and make school sooo much easier.   We'll show you all the tricks, cure old issues (like fractions and percentages), program your calculator and even help you master your computer.  And...we do the driving.



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